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Freedom Showers

Freedom Showers are designed for accessibility, allowing comfortable and safe use for you and your family. Enjoy bathing independently in your Freedom Shower where you can unwind, re-energize and revitalize.

When planning bathrooms for disabled or elderly family members it can be a challenge to address all of their needs. Freedom showers are accessible showers for the handicapped, elderly and everyone else.

Our goal is to assist people in designing their bathrooms around their individual accessibility needs and maximizing their independence.

Our durable fiberglass, Freedom shower units have full wood backing and come with a 30 year warranty.

With so many options available, it's important to assess your bathroom and mobility needs to find the right bathing solution for your home.
Many models and styles of Freedom Showers are available in three different collections to meet your needs.

Accessible Shower Enclosures (residential, barrier free)

Freedom Accessible Showers are easier to get in and out of than conventional showers or bathtubs offering the ultimate in barrier free bathing.

Freedom Accessible Showers are easily entered by people in a wheelchair or shower chair offering independence and comfort for adults and children with disabilities.

An Accessible Shower stall has the shower floor at the same level (or with a slight rise) with the bathroom floor allowing easier mobility for all users.

Freedom Accessible Showers are versatile so the whole family can enjoy bathing in their roll-in and walk in shower.

ADA Showers (commercial, barrier free)

Freedom ADA shower stalls are ideal for commercial barrier free ADA bathroom applications. Handicapped accessible ADA Showers meet the ADA size specifications for wheelchair accessible installations in places of public accommodation such as schools and businesses.

These showers are barrier free, handicapped accessible and ADA compliant when equipped with the appropriate ADA accessories.

Easy Step Showers (low 4" curb)

Freedom Easy Step Showers offer an elegance and functionality appealing to the 50+ homeowner.

Easy Step Showers feature a low 4" curb (3" in one case) which is easy to step over. Many models are equipped with a generous shower seat and features such as a soap ledges and a leg ledge which assists in bathing.

These showers are very popular with seniors and those entering the elderly years.


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