ADA Showers

Freedom ADA Showers are specially designed to meet ADA standards for wheelchair accessible bathrooms

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ADA Showers

Freedom ADA shower stalls are ideal for commercial barrier free ADA bathroom applications.

When designing a commercial bathroom it is important to be able to accommodate wheelchair users and disabled individuals.

The American Disabilities Act and ADAAG guidelines provide standards for accessibility to public and commercial bathrooms for people with disabilities.

Freedom wheelchair accessible ADA Showers are specially designed to meet these ADA specifications.

These showers are barrier free, handicapped accessible and ADA compliant when equipped with the appropriate ADA accessories.

ADA showers enable people with many different levels of abilities to enjoy the freedom of bathing independently.

ADA barrier free showers are mainly used for commercial projects, though some homeowners will install ADA approved showers in residential construction.

ADA Compliant Showers are available to be delivered to the job site fully accessorized to meet ADAAG guidelines (folding shower seat, grab bars, curtain rod, etc).

All ADA compliant shower stalls must be barrier free with a curb no higher that ½" or be flush with the floor of the bathroom.

Shower floors are textured with a slip resistant coating for added safety for those with a handicap as well as everyone else.

Two styles of ADA showers are available.

ADA Roll In Showers (minimum 60" x 30" inside dimension)

ADA Roll in Showers are wheelchair accessible. They provide lots of room, making it easier to manoeuvre in a wheelchair.

Some jurisdictions specify an ADA compliant handicapped accessible shower with a minimum 60" x 36" inside dimension so that caregivers can easily assist.

ADA Transfer Showers (36" x 36" inside dimension)

ADA Transfer Showers are designed so the user can transfer onto a fold down shower bench from a wheelchair parked outside the shower unit.

To comply with ADA requirements ADA Transfer Showers must be properly accessorized.

The following diagram illustrates the 48" clear floor space to transfer from a wheelchair to the shower seat.  ADA transfer showers can be ordered with a recessed receiver flange on the seat side to accommodate a parallel wall.

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