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Shower Seats and Bath Shower Transfer Systems

One of the easiest ways to add safety and comfort to your bathroom, whether you are remodeling or making minor adjustments, is to install a folding shower seat.

An accessible bathroom design would not be complete without folding shower benches or other handicap shower seats.

Wall mounted shower chairs are the most common folding shower seats used to complete an accessible shower, to allow users to sit while showering, adding to the safety and comfort of our Freedom Showers or your existing shower.

We carry wide selection of handicapped accessible wall mounted shower bench styles and sizes to suit your needs, including ADA showers seats for showers in commercial buildings.

When choosing one of our folding shower seats it is important to consider the individual needs, and how wall mounted shower seat will fit into the shower when it’s folded up and when it’s in use.

Fold down shower seats are ideal in bathrooms that are used by people with all levels of ability, as they can easily be folded up out of the way if not in use. We offer the best selection of shower chairs for disabled and aging people and we can help you choose the right solution for you.

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