Shower accessories in Canadian Inventory

In stock in Canada

Are you looking for grab bars, shower seats, or other bathroom accessories? We carry a limited supply of some seats and shower accessories at our sales office in Barrie, Ontario. To better serve our Canadian customers, we can ship some of these items directly from our office, saving you time. 

Shower Seats

We carry the a few folding shower seats, in the Barrie office including a 22" padded white seat. 

Grab Bars

To help meet recent Ontario Building codes requiring an L-shaped grab bar in showers for public buildings, we are stocking the 36” x 36” L-shaped, stainless steel grab bars in Barrie, Ontario. Read more about Accessibility Requirements in Ontario here.

For local customers, we have a Freedom Shower set up in our Barrie office, and samples of many products. Call us to schedule a time to come by. We'd love to meet you.

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NOTE: Most of our product lines ship from our American factories. For Freedom Showers and Freedom Pans, and other grab bars and shower seats, we need to request shipping costs to bring them into Canada. Call us to request a quote . (Some products are not available to ship to Canada, due to distribution conflicts or other issues. Example: APM seats)