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Our mission is simple: to enhance the lives of our readers and clients.

Why are we blogging about Senior Lifestyle?

Our parent company, Accessibility Professionals, turned 10 this year, and over the past decade we have met some amazing people from inspiring backgrounds. Of the thousands of people installing our products, the majority are:

  1. Individuals living with mobility difficulties (i.e., seniors, veterans, physically disabled, etc.)
  2. Loved ones of individuals living with mobility disabilities (i.e., spouses, children, parents, friends, caregivers, etc.)
  3. Leaders in the community who want to make their space accessible for others (i.e., business owners, schools, religious organizations, community centres, etc.)

We have learned so much from our clients, and after a decade in the industry we have gathered A LOT of knowledge. Knowledge that would be helpful for our senior, mobility disabled, and caregiver clients. Our passion is helping all individuals lead independent and healthy lives. We do this daily by making accessible spaces with our products, but we want to take it one step further. And so we have created the Freedom Bloga site dedicated to sharing relevant, engaging, and original content that enhances the lives of our readers and clients.

Transforming bathrooms, homes and lives since 2006

Since 2006, Accessibility Professionals, has helped thousands of clients create safe and accessible spaces. Our roll-in showers, walk-in bathtubs, wheelchair lifts, kitchen lifts, and other accessible accessories can be found all over North America. You will find us in your neighbours’ home, your workplace, NBA stadiums, recreation halls, the Softball Hall of Fame, we even dream of one day building the first handicap accessible bathroom on Mars!

Accessibility Professionals Inc. started with the dream of helping our clients live at home safely, comfortably and independently. Since 2006, Accessibility Professionals Inc. has specialized in providing industry leading products for making bathrooms and homes accessible and easier to use for individuals with mobility disabilities as well as people of all abilities. Our goal is to help our clients arrange their bathrooms and homes to best meet their needs and maximize their independence.

  • Freedom Showers are designed to provide safe access to and from your shower space, allowing individuals to shower safely and independently.
  • Freedom Walk-in Tubs are engineered to meet the needs of aging individuals and provide a safe and independent bathing experience.
  • Freedom Lift Systems are specially designed to provide safe access to and from your home, and allow individuals to utilize their kitchen space independently


One of the major challenges we have aging in place is that our own homes are often not designed to deal with our changing needs. As we get older, climbing stairs and opening doors becomes more difficult and kitchens, bathrooms and bathtubs aren’t as easy or safe to use.

It is our aim to give seniors and those living with a disability the freedom to live as well as they can. One of the most important freedoms for us is to be able to meet our needs and live in our homes independently.

Our organization is committed to providing accessible and equitable customer service to each and every one of our diverse and valued customers.

We encourage you to explore the wealth of information provided on our website and use it to live safely, comfortably and independently. Please don’t hesitate to call us for assistance. 1-877-947-77469

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Customer Service Team

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