5' Collapsible Water Retainer, White with End Caps

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Model #:  APFCWRW5
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Product Overview

One of the most common questions we get asked is: If I install a barrier free shower, what keeps the water in the pan? It's an important questions, because we know that water on the bathroom floor creates a safety hazard, and can cause damage as well. We highly recommend the Collapsible Water retainer for any low threshold shower. The Collapsible Water Retainer is a innovative solution for water retention. 

Accessible Showers Need Water Barriers

The white, 1" high Collapsible Water Retainers are made of durable neoprene rubber which is flexible to be rolled over with a wheelchair, then pops back up to keep water in the shower pan. The self-adhesive, double sided apoxy tape makes installation easy and each Collapsible water retainer comes with a pair of end caps. This product works even better in combination with a weight shower curtain to create the best protection. 

Retainers are available in sizes of 3 feet and more. Call 1-877-947-7769 for bulk orders and all other questions.


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