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ADA Compliant Handicapped Accessible Shower Pans

Freedom ADA Compliant Shower Pans are specially designed for commercial projects when compliance to ADA guidelines (ADAAG) is a requirement. Installing an ADA shower base in the bathroom of your business or public building has never been easier. Provide safe handicapped access to all users with a Freedom ADA Roll-in Shower Pan. Read more...

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Combined with custom wall tiles and ADA accessories, (i.e., grab bars, ADA shower bench, and more), our ADA shower bases will meet all commercial ADA bathroom requirements by providing a low-profile, zero-threshold shower pan entrance. Freedom ADA shower pans have a slip-resistant, self-supporting, pre-levelled shower bottom. This allows for easy installation without any mud setting, greatly reducing installation time and errors.

We offer two styles of ADA Handicapped Accessible Shower Bases:

(Note: ADA requires a low- or zero-threshold shower pan in either a roll-in or transfer style)

  • Our roll-in shower bases have an inside dimension of 60” x 30”. They are specially designed with a zero threshold or maximum ½” beveled change of level, depending on your state and local building codes.

  • Our transfer shower pans are smaller, with an inside dimension of 36" x 36". They also offer a maximum ½" threshold for individuals transferring into the shower from a wheelchair.

Our handicapped accessible roll-in shower pans provide wheelchair users and individuals with mobility disabilities access to safe and comfortable bathing. Freedom shower bases will leave your bathroom both ADA compliant and beautiful.

We use only high-quality materials and craftsmanship. For peace of mind, Freedom Shower Pans come with a 30 year manufacturer's warranty.

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If you are a commercial or public building manager planning for current or future accessibility needs, call our expert customer service team to experience the high-quality, ADA compliant options in roll-in shower pans, and transfer shower bases.

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