Handicap Accessible Shower Pans - Barrier Free

Freedom Handicapped Accessible Shower Pans

Freedom barrier free shower pans can transform your residential bathroom, providing a safe and comfortable bathing experience for aging or disabled family members. Installing a shower with a barrier free shower floor allows wheelchair users and individuals with mobility limitations to enter the shower safely and easily. Read more...


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When designing your accessible bathroom, start with a barrier-free shower base for handicapped accessibility. Pre-leveled shower pans are easy and quick to install, spend less time renovating and enjoy your shower sooner. Combine one of our Freedom Accessible shower pans with custom wall tiles and accessories to create a stylish oasis for the whole family.

Replace Your Tub With a Barrier-Free Shower Base

Whether you are replacing a bathtub, building an add-on bathroom, or converting a standard shower, installing a handicapped accessible shower base is an affordable way to transform your home to accommodate aging or mobility disabled family members. Handicapped accessible shower bases have a zero threshold, so there are no barriers for someone entering the shower. Strategically placed grab bars and a folding shower seat help create the safest, most luxurious shower in the industry.

Freedom fiberglass accessible shower pans have a slip resistant coating and come with a 30 year warranty. Color upgrades are available for a truly personalized product.

We also offer a line of Acrylic low profile shower pans which are available in a wide selection of colors.