Curbed Tiling Shower Pans 

tiling shower pans with curb, tile redi shower base with curb
Curbed Shower Pans

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Easy to Install Tileable Shower Pans

Our shower base for tiling projects are made with a 4.5” threshold, an integrated drain and approximately 6" splash walls. With our tile redi shower pan you can have the designer look of a tile, marble or stone shower floor that matches and compliments the design of your high end bathroom.

Tileable shower pans eliminate the need for liners, mudding or hot mopping. The shower base for tile showers are leak proof, mold resistant and are UL listed.

Combine with our optional Z flashing kit to create a waterproof seam between the pan and the backer board on the walls.

We also offer Tile Ready soap niches and ledges to complete your designer shower for disabled and aging users.

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