Flange Trim Kit for Fiberglass Showers

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Product Highlights:

  • Clean & Finished Look to your Shower Edges
  • Fits all Shower Models up to 60" x 60"
  • Eliminates Drywall Transition to the Shower Unit
  • White ABS Flange Trim Molding

Product Overview

The Flange Trim Kit is used to finish the transition of drywall to the Freedom shower. Used to cover the nailing flange or finished edges of the Freedom Shower, the Flange Trim Kit offers a clean look to your new bathing space.

Designed to work with all Freedom fiberglass shower models up to 60” x 60”, these trim kits are ideal for remodeling applications when you want to minimize drywall work. White ABS Trim molding has a 5/8” return.

Save Time and Money

Flange trim kits improve job site efficiencies by: 

  • Eliminating a third wall of drywall when installing showers against a fire-wall
  • Allowing for easy installation against cement block walls
  • Eliminating the drywall transition to the shower unit in remodeling projects

Flange Trim Kit includes:

  • 1 piece 83” x 3”, squared on both ends
  • 4 pieces 83” x 3” mitered at one end, square opposite end
  • 36” x 1” double-sided foam tape


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