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Tile Redi Shower Bases

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A tiled shower can be the showpiece of your bathroom. Even accessible showers for aging or disabled bathers can be stunning with tile redi shower bases with low thresholds. Tile over shower pans can be used to create a safer bathing experience, and be customized with any tiling design you choose. Two styles of ready to tile shower pans are available:

Shower Bases for Tiling - Standard Drain

Standard drain shower pans have a round drain, which can be upgraded with a square drain plate for easier tiling. Depending on the size of the shower pan, you can choose a right, left or center drain to try and match existing plumbing.

Ready for Tile Shower Pans - Trench Drain

Trench Drain Shower pans have a modern linear drain plate spanning the depth or length of the shower. Barrier free shower pans have trench drain at the back of the shower pan, and curbed pans can usually be ordered with a left, right or center linear drain plate.



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