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Elder Abuse: What you need to know and simple ways to prevent it

Elder abuse is a hidden epidemic, that has for many years been an under-reported and under examined issue. In recent years, this phenomenon has gained more attention as we find not only increasing North American populations aging, but the global population as a whole.

As the number of older adults increases, inevitably, the number of elder abuse cases will too increase. Therefore, it is our public responsibility to increase awareness and mobilize meaningful action to reduce risk and prevent elder abuse.


8 Amazing Reasons Swimming is the Best Exercise for Seniors

Why seniors and people with mobility issues should add aquatic activities to their regular routine.

Everybody, into the pool. You have probably already heard that exercise will keep you young.  It’s no surprise, but a study in Preventative Medicine shows that US adults that regularly participate in high levels of physical activity showed significantly reduced cellular aging, taking up to 9 years off of their biological age.  So they aren’t just living longer, they are living better longer.

Water is Your Friend

In last week’s post, we talked about the many benefits of staying physically active as you age. We also noticed that in the lists of excellent ways to get moderate- to vigorous-intensity exercise, aquatic activities appeared in both lists. (more…)

65 or Older? Better Get Moving

While there is no miracle cure for aging, doctors and experts agree that there is a proven way to slow the aging process. Physical activity has been proven to be the best way to stay young longer and to age more healthfully.

Regular physical activity helps prevent chronic illnesses and conditions that can make your later years difficult. According to WHO (World Health Organization) older adults who are physically active will benefit in multiple ways, helping them stay young. (more…)

Ageism: Ways We Can Be More Mindful

“I didn’t have enough candles so I just lit the cake on fire.” We’ve all seen the birthday cards. I know I’m guilty of having bought a card or two thinking they’re a laugh. But what hadn’t crossed my mind though was whether or not this age humour was a tad offensive? Age prejudice, or Ageism, is one those true ironies since we all hope to one day become part of the group.

The irony is probably one of the reasons age-related stereotypes are so widespread and socially accepted. If we were each to get a piece of paper and write down all of the things characteristic of the elderly – hard of hearing, slow, fragile, bad memory, poor health – these would likely all appear. There’d, of course, be a number of positive ones like wisdom, kindness, and humility, but negative stereotypes certainly exist whether we want them to or not.

Canadians! Get $1,500 towards Accessible Renovations with HATC

Did you know? For the first time in recorded Canadian history, there are more citizens over the age of 65 than there are under the age of 15. Incredible right? It’s a combination of families having fewer children, the baby boomer generation becoming senior citizens, and Canadians living longer.

The Canadian government has long taken notice of this trend and has begun to put more thought into the long-term impact of an aging population on the national and provincial budgets. (more…)

3 Short-term Solutions for Accessibility

Most traditional homes aren’t designed with accessibility in mind. The entrance to your home likely has a set of steps, while your bathroom has a bathtub/shower combo with a high step in and out. These common barriers can be hard for those with mobility limitations, so when the unexpected happens and you are in need of last-minute accessible solutions for your home, you might not know where to turn.

Ontario’s Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit Still Available

Attention Ontarians! It’s not too late to save money this year.

If you live in Ontario, Canada, are 65 or over, or live with someone who is, you only have one month left to take advantage of the Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit. Expenses paid before December 31, 2016 for improving the safety and accessibility of your home will be eligible for a 15% tax credit on your personal income tax. Keep reading to learn more.

From the Province of Ontario’s website, we’ve listed the products that Accessibility Professionals offers, that would be eligible for the tax credit: (more…)

6 Ways to Keep Your Mind Young

Everyone ages. People will tell you “it’s part of life,” which is true, but not entirely reassuring. Truth is, aging can be incredibly frightening. First, we notice our bodies can’t do the things they used to be able to. Stairs we once climbed two steps at a time become something we plan our days around. Bathing, once relaxing, is now an ordeal. Yet, our anxiety of physical aging is almost always overshadowed by the worry that our minds will one day regress.

In the developed world, countless innovations have allowed us to overcome physical barriers in our day-to-day, walk-in showers make bathing safer, and wheelchair lifts help us tackle impending stairs. And in past articles, we’ve described various ways you can slow down physical decline, such as eating healthy or exercise. Luckily, there are also countless tips, tricks, and lifestyle alterations that can slow down the aging of our minds. That’s why we made this list.